You’re continuously searching and realize no companies are hiring positions in your field.  Consider applying for jobs beneath or outside of your experience level.

Getting a job a step down from your experience level is still an improvement in your situation.  Maybe the job is slightly closer to home, maybe it has great benefits – just try to look for the positive aspects of the position.

A position beneath your experience level usually means there’s one above it at the company – in which case, get your foot in the door and work to prove yourself until a position at your experience level opens up.  Remember, taking a job that requires less experience at a great company means there is a plethora of opportunities available.  Any small step to where you want to be

[again] is worth it.
Even part-time jobs can turn into full-time jobs; you’ve got to position yourself for advancement.

Have you considered taking a job outside of your career field?
Don’t limit yourself to the field you are currently in if you have skills that can be applied elsewhere.  Don’t determine a job’s functions by its title – you’re going to have to extend your search and read through descriptions.

Don’t give up.
It’s hard – but it’ll be worth it once you get back on your feet.  Remember to do what it takes to get back on your feet; in the end- you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.