1. Know Where You’re Going
Not figuratively such as “Know where you’re going in life.” Literally – know where your interview is. This may sound silly but you need to take into account all of the things that could happen the morning of your interview; traffic, finding a parking spot, finding the suite the company’s office is located in – the last thing you need is getting lost on the way there.
Take some time the day before and drive to the interview site. Not only will it get you more familiar with the area, it’ll decrease anxiety the morning of, and let you focus more on getting yourself mentally prepared for your interview.


2. Review Your Resume
It may have been a while since you’ve actually read through your resume. Be sure to read over it to re-familiarize yourself with the information. Be prepared to answer any questions about gaps in unemployment and work history.

3. Prepare Your Portfolio
Prepare all of your documentation the day before your interview. This includes a written copy of references, work samples, resume, and written recommendations. Let the interviewer see you’ve taken time to compile your information; put your documents into a portfolio so that they may keep all of your information together, and on hand.

4. Compile Questions
You’ve been through prior interviews and know what’s coming at the end, “Do you have any questions?” Your answer should be “Yes.”
Do research on the company and compile a list of questions to ask the interviewer – this will show you’ve prepared extensively and are passionate about the possibility of a career within the company.

5. Practice Your Questions
You might feel a little funny doing this, but it’ll be well worth it the day of the interview. Practice the questions you’ve compiled so you don’t stumble through them during the interview. Whether it’s with a friend or by yourself, practicing them aloud will allow things to go much more smoothly the next day.

6. Get Some Rest!
All of this preparation may sound a lot like cramming for an exam, but you can’t pull an all-nighter! Go to bed early so you’re well rested and able to eat breakfast and indulge in your favorite latte in the morning!

Good Luck on your job search and interviews!