If you’re unemployed – or looking for a career change, it may seem next to impossible to find a job when you’re so close to retirement.
Search for executive level positions – often times, those require a decade (plus) of experience.
Currently, Burchard & Associates has 22 financial and accounting positions available – more than half a dozen require 10+ years of experience.
Companies want your expertise – they need your expertise.

Steve Wing, director of government programs for the CVS drugstore chain was asked about the importance of older workers to his company, he replied, “Without older workers, we wouldn’t have a company.” Workforce.com

Utilize your skills, your knowledge, and your wisdom. You life experiences have given you the tools to position yourself as an employee that companies need.

Careeradvisory.com states that older workers can bring a great deal of value to a company. Studies have demonstrated that older workers can bring expertise, maturity, and good contacts to an employer. Highlights of a recent AARP study included the fact that “older workers were perceived as having all but one of the top seven qualities rated from a list of 29 that companies considered most desirable in an employee, including loyalty, dedication to the company, and commitment to doing quality work.”

Next time you’re considering throwing in the towel – remember that companies need employees like you.