Let’s face it: the economy might be showing signs of improvement, but
workers’ motivation might not be improving at the same pace. Many people have either called an executive recruiter or are thinking about it. The last couple of years have been difficult for almost every industry; companies have drastically reduced the remuneration and benefits they once offered their workforce while employees have seen colleagues laid off and remain unemployed for several months.

On top of that, many professionals don’t even work in jobs that coincide with their skills or true passions. So, what can be done in cases like these? A job, or even a career change, might be the first thing that comes to mind, but leaving a position without having a new one is unwise. Instead, ask yourself these questions before quitting your current job:

 1.      What about my current situation is frustrating and how can I improve it?

Start by identifying if the issue is related to the people, the environment or the work itself. Then, take the necessary steps to remedy the problem based on your findings.

2.      What is the career path that I want to pursue? 

Create a strategic plan to evaluate if the career path you’re following is the right one based on your vision.

 3.      Am I willing to sacrifice the company benefits?

Analyze if you’re ready to give up the benefits your company offers, such as health insurance and retirement contributions, without maximizing your credit cards or getting a loan.

 4.      Is this a good time to leave my current position?

Make sure you’re not leaving your position in the midst of a big project – it wouldn’t be ethical to abandon your team. Burning bridges in the office can make it difficult to find future employment.

Evaluate all the elements that have an influence on your dissatisfaction prior to making what could be a hasty decision. If you figure out that a job or career change is your best option, then try to find that next position before quitting your current one, as the job market isn’t fully recovered yet.

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