As we bid farewell to 2014 and usher in a brand new year, we at Burchard & Associates started feeling a bit nostalgic. Combing through our busy year of blog posts, we really have run the gamut of topics. From Shakespearean themes to dating analogies, take a walk with us down memory lane as we dust off some of our favorite blog posts from 2014.

Top Post #5: 5 Famous People That Are Also Accountants
We love this post because it modernizes the idea of the typical accountant and sheds much-needed light on some of the industry’s former rockstars (no pun intended). So the next time blank stares arise at the mention of “accounting,” be sure to have this post standing by.

Top Post #4: The Benefits of Employing Contract Employees

Who doesn’t need a little Shakespeare in their lives? This Bard-themed post explores the pros and cons of contract positions. Find out if this type of temporary hire could benefit your organization.

Top Post #3: Verbs To Keep Your Resume Engaging
Need help bringing your resume to life? This post lists out the best action verbs to include in your resume that will shatter resume monotony and grab the attention of that recruiter or internal HR department. The added bonus of this post? These verbs are broken down by professional accomplishments (i.e. everyday tasks, management achievements, etc.) to help best guide your messaging.

Top Post #2: The Ultimate Networking Tracker


If you’re tired of collecting business cards and trying to keep track of networking contacts, our downloadable networking tracker allows you to streamline this process. By compiling all networking contacts, notes, follow-up dates, and more, you can maximize the value of your offline network.

Top Post #1: Interviewing: The Professional Dating Scene
This is our favorite post of 2014 because it’s not only a fun read, but because it’s a great reminder for all of us to be true to ourselves during the interview process. As interviews are central to career progression, it’s essential to treat the interview as a window into whether a prospective position or organization will be a good match for your broader career goals and personal needs.

As we ring in 2015, Burchard & Associates wishes you a Happy New Year. We look forward to another great year of blog posts ahead and hope we can continue to help guide you on your career path.

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