It’s a power tool that most finance professionals aren’t using in their job quest.

A network with national reach but strong knowledge of local markets.

It’s the American Association of Finance & Accounting.

The AAFA is a well-established network of executive recruiters who specialize in sourcing and placing talent for finance and accounting roles in markets across the country.


How Can the AAFA Power My Job Search?

We’re glad you asked! The AAFA has partners in over 35 major cities that can help you identify relevant opportunities in your specific job market. This can be especially powerful if you’re looking to relocate or have recently moved to a new city where your network is still burgeoning. But even if you’re well-acquainted with your local job market, leveraging AAFA partners to streamline your job search will help you maximize your efforts at every turn.

What Do Executive Recruiters Do?

If you’re new to working with recruiters, fret not! While any AAFA-affiliated search firm will be able to guide you through the recruiting process and details, it’s also helpful to have a high-level understanding of what a recruiter’s role does (and doesn’t) entail.

As long as you know what executive recruiters expect of you, and you can provide them with the details they need to assess your skill set, goals, and needs, you can begin forming a strong professional foundation.

What Will It Cost Me?

Not a thing. Just visit and contact the AAFA partner listed for the city of your choice.

Happy Hunting!

Burchard & Associates is an AAFA-affiliated executive search firm specialized in accounting and finance recruiting across all business sectors, including manufacturing, retail, wholesale/distribution, healthcare, financial services, and more.

If you’re searching for executive positions in the accounting or finance industries, be sure to check out the latest job postings on our website and LinkedIn!