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Maybe you have a whole host of new responsibilities, or you just got a promotion and are still trying to get a handle on everything. Whatever challenges you are facing at work, your professional life could be a bit easier if you had an effective way to organize everything. Well, lucky for you, there are countless apps out there that can help you get organized. But with so many choices, it can be hard to determine which ones are most effective.

To help you choose which organization apps you should utilize, we’ve identified 5 of the best:


Cloze is like a personal assistant for your business contacts. This powerful app provides you with a holistic view of each person in your professional network. Cloze can pull info from emails, phone calls, meetings, notes, files, social media, and messages so you have all the information you need about your contacts in one place. Not only that, it will automatically update contact information, remind you when it’s time to reach out to people, and add items to your agenda. If you struggle to keep all the information about your contacts straight, this app is perfect for you.

Just Press Record 

Tired of furiously scribbling notes on client calls or during meetings? Just Press Record could be the answer to your problems. With this app, you can start recording with one tap. It can also transcribe your recordings into text and sync your recordings across all of your devices.


Never stress about losing paperwork again with CamScanner. This powerful app turns your phone into a portable scanner, allowing you to scan and save any document right from your phone. Once you scan your document, you can save it as a PDF, JPG, Word, or TXT file. The app is free with limited features, or you can subscribe to get access to everything this app can do. 


Trello is one of the best organization apps out there. Trello is like a digital bulletin board. On each board, you can create columns with multiple “cards” in each column. Think of cards like items on your to-do list. On each card, you can attach files, set due dates, assign tasks to other teammates, and post messages. These are only some of the amazing features that come along with Trello. As tasks are completed, you can move your card through the various columns, or stages, of your project’s life cycle. Trello is great for creating personal to-do lists, or for collaborating on projects as a team. 


This app is for more than simply taking notes, though it is one of the best note-taking apps out there. Not only will it store your notes and make them accessible across all your devices, you can also upload audio, images, and videos. Evernote has long been on the top of everyone’s list of the best organization apps, and though many competitors have tried to take their spot, Evernote remains the most effective for notes.


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