A Job Seeker’s Guide to Modern Business Customs: The Importance of a Handshake During Your Job Search

Thirty years ago the rules of business were very straightforward. Professionals were expected to be at work by 8:00 AM wearing a suit. Personal problems were left at home and the workplace was solely designed for one thing: work. In today’s professional landscape of ‘startup casual,’ flexible work hours, hugs instead of handshakes, and bring your dog to work, the lines have blurred as professional “standards” transform in front of us to attract professional talent of younger generations entering the workforce. So how do modern business customs impact your job search?

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3 Ways Dogs Improve Corporate Culture and Workplace Productivity

What are the benefits of bringing your dog to work? Here are three ways dogs improve employee engagement and productivity.

You have an interview today. Not just any interview either. This is an interview for your dream job. Landing an opportunity such as this is key to demonstrating […]

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5 Things You Must Do Online to Be Employable

Your social networking pages can make or break your career.  Whether you’re unemployed or currently employed, the slightest slip-up can cost you your job.

Employers are going to look you up online, take a few hours to re-vamp your page.  Wow the employer with your skills, maturity, and knowledge of the industry.

Facebook and MySpace
Take a fresh look at your […]

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Biggest Blunders in Job Interviews

Your nerves may be racing during your first interview, but don’t let them get the best of you.

Blunder 1:
Not asking for clarification if you don’t understand a question in the interview.
Employers are not going to look down upon you for asking for clarification.   If you don’t answer the question and try to answer it – you’re at risk […]

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