6 Tips for New College Graduates

If you just graduated from college, consider yourself lucky. You’re entering the workforce at an amazing time. Unemployment is at its lowest level since 1969, there are more than 7 million available jobs, and starting salaries for new college graduates are higher than they were just a few years ago.

Considering all […]

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A Job Seeker’s Guide to Modern Business Customs: The Importance of a Handshake During Your Job Search

Thirty years ago the rules of business were very straightforward. Professionals were expected to be at work by 8:00 AM wearing a suit. Personal problems were left at home and the workplace was solely designed for one thing: work. In today’s professional landscape of ‘startup casual,’ flexible work hours, hugs instead of handshakes, and bring your dog to work, the lines have blurred as professional “standards” transform in front of us to attract professional talent of younger generations entering the workforce. So how do modern business customs impact your job search?

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5 Tips for Working Moms on Mother’s Day

What are working moms in need of most? Support. Here are 5 tips to being a working mom from working moms just like you.  

Although some employers feel as though the boundary between a woman’s work and personal life is a clear one, we are firm believers that as a mom, maintaining that boundary […]

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How to Succeed in Your Next Review

No matter where you work, regular reviews are an important component of your career development. Whether reviews are annually or even once a quarter, it’s key that you go into it prepared.  A review can help make your case for a promotion, pay raise or even help you determine if it’s time to find a new position with […]

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Career Tips: How to Leave Your Job with Grace

Finding a new position is no easy task. Finding a new position while currently employed can be even more difficult. Once you find a new job, you’ll have to put in your two weeks notice and look forward to your new career. But your final days at your current job before moving on can be some of the […]

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How Social Media Can Help Your Job Hunt

Last week we discussed how to leverage LinkedIn for your job hunt. As a professional networking site, it’s easy to see the advantages of LinkedIn. But what about the rest of the social media universe? Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites can all prove to be a valuable resource in your job hunt. How can you start […]

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How to: Find a New Job While Currently Employed

In the course of your career, it’s likely that you may be employed but interested in finding a position elsewhere. Whether you’re unhappy with your current company or just seeking new opportunities, this can be a difficult situation for many employees to maneuver. How can you successfully search for – and land – a new job while still […]

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It’s All About Who You Know

It’s not news that networking is a vital to jobseekers on the hunt for a new career. It’s said regularly by professionals and job seekers alike, “It’s all about who you know”. Do you know the right people? Whether you are just starting your networking venture or consider yourself a networking veteran, there are five top individuals who […]

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Job Search Tip: Use Tools to Sell Your Story

When it comes to reviewing résumés, the sheer volume of résumés received in their inbox can overwhelm a recruiter. Think about it: a recruiter could get hundreds upon hundreds of résumés for a single job posting. And with that amount, it can be difficult to differentiate one from the other. That is why it’s important that your résumé […]

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