How to Write a Resignation Letter


You worked with Burchard & Associates and found a new job. Congratulations! Your hard work, interview preparation, and countless applications have finally paid off. You’re ready and excited for your new role — everything is falling into place.

But first, you need to quit your current job. Part of that is […]

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6 Morning Habits of Highly-Successful People

The day’s success depends a lot on what you do in the morning. Many of the most successful people on the planet share the same morning routines.

This is no accident.

There’s a reason that high-achieving individuals have many morning rituals in common. There are certain things you should do when you wake […]

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Outdated Job Search Advice to Avoid

outdated job search advice

When you’re looking for a job, you take all the advice you can get. But is all advice created equal? Advances in technology have transformed the application and hiring processes, and some of the job search advice you receive could be wildly outdated.

Here are some job search […]

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Why You Should Fill Out Your Summary on LinkedIn

We all know by now how important a robust, detailed LinkedIn profile is for any professional. Whether you are explicitly looking for a job, a filled-out profile is a must in the connected age. LinkedIn acts as your digital resume, so you always want to be putting […]

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Informational Interview Tips

Informational interviews are a great tool to utilize as you navigate your job search. They give you an eye into an organization before you commit to applying for a job. At their most basic, informational interviews simply give you—you guessed it—information about the company you are meeting with. […]

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How To Stand Out With LinkedIn Pulse

The term personal brand might be a buzzword these days but for good reason. Establishing a personal brand is what sets you apart from your counterparts, especially against a digital landscape. Cultivating a personal brand has never been more important.

There are many components that go into developing a personal brand that […]

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4 Resume Requirements

We all know by now how important first impressions are. When it comes to applying for new jobs, your first impression doesn’t even involve your whole self, but rather the self you choose to put on paper via your resume. It’s incredibly important to make sure your resume is up to […]

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How To Choose Your References


Squads are having a moment. Thanks to Taylor Swift and her ubiquitous gaggle of best friends, “squad goals” has entered the American lexicon as something we would all like to achieve.

This idea of the perfect squad doesn’t just translate to whom you’ll ring for the next happy hour; indeed, […]

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How To Interview On The Sly

Securing a new job can feel like a feat unto itself, but interviewing for a job when you already have one can feel like a Herculean task at times. There’s a bit of a secret agent feel to it, and you might feel like you are metaphorically, or possibly […]

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How to Slay a Skype Interview


Video-call (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Technology has no doubt changed the world—even when it comes to the job search. The advent of the internet and social media has changed the name of the game when it comes to nabbing a new job. Candidates submit […]

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