Why You Should Fill Out Your Summary on LinkedIn

We all know by now how important a robust, detailed LinkedIn profile is for any professional. Whether you are explicitly looking for a job, a filled-out profile is a must in the connected age. LinkedIn acts as your digital resume, so you always want to be putting […]

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How To Stand Out With LinkedIn Pulse

The term personal brand might be a buzzword these days but for good reason. Establishing a personal brand is what sets you apart from your counterparts, especially against a digital landscape. Cultivating a personal brand has never been more important.

There are many components that go into developing a personal brand that […]

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Your 5-Minute LinkedIn Checklist

LinkedIn is likely your most promising digital way into a new job, a new hire or new contacts for your network. And, like all social media channels, keeping your profile up to date and engaging can be incredibly time-consuming. Until you come across that day in your […]

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Leveraging LinkedIn: How to Use Social Media in Your Job Hunt

If the last time you were on the job hunt was a decade ago, then you might be using some antiquated resources for finding a new position. Asking friends, searching job boards and reading the newspaper might be a good way to find open positions, but today’s candidates will need more. One way that prospective candidates can increase […]

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