Networking For Introverts

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When introverts hear the word networking, a slew of reactions can present themselves. A look of terror or disgust might cloud faces, or the introverts might wave off the suggestion as an absurdity, like putting a cat on a leash.

It’s just not done.

Or is it? […]

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It’s All About Who You Know

It’s not news that networking is a vital to jobseekers on the hunt for a new career. It’s said regularly by professionals and job seekers alike, “It’s all about who you know”. Do you know the right people? Whether you are just starting your networking venture or consider yourself a networking veteran, there are five top individuals who […]

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Job Search Tip: Use Tools to Sell Your Story

When it comes to reviewing résumés, the sheer volume of résumés received in their inbox can overwhelm a recruiter. Think about it: a recruiter could get hundreds upon hundreds of résumés for a single job posting. And with that amount, it can be difficult to differentiate one from the other. That is why it’s important that your résumé […]

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Where Are Your References?

This question certainly will send chills down any student’s spine. From high school history papers to your final thesis in graduate school, nothing is worse than dealing with references. Ironically enough, however, the word “reference” can be the word (in a different sense, of course) that lands you that dream job down the road.

Too often do job seekers […]

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Free Marketing 101: Building Your Referral Network

In our current economic climate, who wouldn’t want something for free? Whether it’s a t-shirt, a sample at your local grocery store or a still-wrapped stick of gum on the ground (don’t pick it up), anything free is enticing.

The same goes for any business. As a staffing and recruiting firm specializing in the finance and accounting industry, building […]

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3 Proactive Staffing Tips for 2011

We know Halloween was just last weekend, but as a business it’s never too early to look forward to 2011.

Workforce planning is becoming increasingly important as the economy continues to slowly chug along. By simply being more proactive and giving yourself time to plan, you give yourself the ability to adapt to common internal and external business conditions […]

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5 Things You Must Do Online to Be Employable

Your social networking pages can make or break your career.  Whether you’re unemployed or currently employed, the slightest slip-up can cost you your job.

Employers are going to look you up online, take a few hours to re-vamp your page.  Wow the employer with your skills, maturity, and knowledge of the industry.

Facebook and MySpace
Take a fresh look at your […]

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Biggest Blunders in Job Interviews

Your nerves may be racing during your first interview, but don’t let them get the best of you.

Blunder 1:
Not asking for clarification if you don’t understand a question in the interview.
Employers are not going to look down upon you for asking for clarification.   If you don’t answer the question and try to answer it – you’re at risk […]

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The Art of Successful Networking

You’ve got the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression in a non-interview setting.  Take advantage of these events – they could lead to your next career.

The more you network, the easier it gets.
Once you’ve done it once, it gets easier and easier.  Soon enough you’ll be a networking pro! People will begin to recognize you – […]

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