Finding a new position is no easy task. Finding a new position while currently employed can be even more difficult. Once you find a new job, you’ll have to put in your two weeks notice and look forward to your new career. But your final days at your current job before moving on can be some of the more important ones when it comes to your reputation. As experienced professional recruiters, we have helped many find new positions and maneuver the transition. If you’re leaving one job to begin another, consider these three tips to do it with grace.

Don’t leave your co-workers in a bind. Your departure may come as a surprise. To help prepare co-workers and your company for your absence, make yourself available for extra meetings to go over your duties and any facets of your position others may not know. Make detailed notes for your successor. You’ll want your company to continue to function successfully even in your absence.

Leave on a high note. No matter how your next position goes, your co-workers will always remain a valuable resource in your career. Be sure to leave them with your contact information and keep in touch to maintain these connections. Don’t forget to be grateful and thank them for the opportunities they have given you.

Don’t check out early. It would be easy to go through your last days in the office on autopilot. But that doesn’t reflect well on you or your work ethic. Be present—both mentally and physically— until you begin your new position.

Making the transition from one job to another can be difficult. By following these three tips, you can make the move easier on yourself and your professional reputation.