No matter how large or small your business is, finding the right candidate for a job opening takes plenty of time, effort and money. Whether you have a large or small human resources department to do the legwork in finding new hires, many businesses often turn to professional recruiters to meet their needs. Why?

Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly. The time it takes your company to search for, hire and train a new employee also costs you money. According to some, the cost of losing an employee within the first year of their hire date is nearly three times their salary. That’s exactly why you want to ensure that the right candidate is chosen for long term success, not the first person who appears to be right.

Recruiters have a large pool of qualified applicants. While there are many job boards available to post your listing, does your company have a pool of qualified candidates to choose from? The right professional recruiter may already have a group of qualified candidates who would fit with your company.

The right recruiter can help save you time. In today’s economy, a single job posting could generate hundreds of responses. Does your company have the time to sift through these and weed out the qualified candidates from the under qualified? By working with a recruiter, you can spend your time interviewing and hiring the right candidate.

There is no science to finding the ideal candidate to fill any job opening, but with years of experience, Burchard & Associates can help make the process easy and beneficial to your company. To get started, visit our website and contact us today.