In today’s economy, many workers with years of experience find themselves out of work. Often times, this can be a result of age discrimination. Some employers believe an adult candidate has:

  • High salary expectations
  • Low adaptation to change
  • No flexibility
  • Higher benefit costs
  • Lack of computer skills

The current economic recession has increased instances of age discrimination and the impact of this phenomenon on mature workers. Studies show that the unemployment rate for employees age 55 and above has risen 3.1 percent since 2007. Furthermore, older workers remain unemployed approximately eight months, while younger workers’ unemployment duration averaged roughly six months.

The good news is that there are strategies that an older candidate can implement to overcome the disadvantages that age may represent to employers:

  • On your résumé, only include the most important experiences you’ve had.
  • Project yourself as technology-friendly; demonstrate that you are as good with computers as younger candidates.
  • Showcase your flexibility and commitment to your potential position.
  • Negotiate your remuneration and benefits. If you are willing to receive a lower salary than in your previous position(s) to get your foot in the door, let your potential employer know.

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