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Keeping track of that endlessly multiplying pile of business cards can be exhausting. Not to mention the time it takes to cut through the clutter and identify those contacts that hold the most value in your network. Unless you’re actively managing and nurturing your professional network, those business cards are merely hollow reminders of missed opportunity.

That’s why Burchard & Associates has created a simple downloadable networking tracker designed to house every networking contact’s details, giving you the ability to quickly sort, and manage recent contacts, and identify network members that may need a timely pulse check. Here are a few quick tips for getting the most out of your networking tracker:

1)     Keep Contact Details Current: Leverage the ‘Last Contacted’ column to help maintain a consistent and long-term dialogue with network members. Also be sure to keep tabs on your contacts as they progress throughout their career by updating company, title, and contact methods (email, phone, social).

2)     Maintain Consistent Contact: If you’re actively searching for new professional opportunities, we recommend reaching out to contacts about once per month to keep your network fresh and keep you top-of-mind for new positions that may arise. For those looking to simply maintain a thriving network of professionals, we recommend checking in with contacts every 1-3 months.

3)     Leverage ‘Power Contact’ Column: This column allows you to effectively identify the members of your network that hold the most value and opportunity for your professional path. While the value of your network is not defined by individual members, it can be a useful tool to help you keep higher visibility on these individuals.

4)     Take Notes: Do you have shared interests? Are they searching for a new job? Are they looking to relocate? Jotting down a few quick notes regarding each contact can help you identify those who could benefit from your network. Additionally, as you amass a growing, thriving, and ever-changing network, these notes can help quickly jog your memory of individuals whom you may have met in passing or are in need of a quick check-in.