Glassdoor’s The State of Mobile Job Search found that 89% of job seekers are likely to use a mobile device during their job search in the next 12 months. Here are 5 ways you can ensure you’re making the most of your mobile job search!

1)    Download mobile apps
Downloading mobile apps from the leading job search sites is a great place to start. Glassdoor, Monster, and others have custom mobile apps that make the job search process mobile-friendly and allow you to be as efficient as possible. These apps still provide a similar level of functionality as the full desktop sites without the troublesome navigation issues.

2)    Set-up mobile job alerts

Most online job sites like Indeed and Monster allow you to set-up frequent job alerts based on your job search. Based on the frequency you choose, relevant job listings will be sent right to your inbox. This is extremely useful on mobile, as you will be able to access new job listings anywhere you go, without having to replicate your search on a regular basis.

3)    Upload and Save Your Resume

Sites like Indeed allow you to upload and save your resume ahead of time, so that you can quickly and easily apply to job posts the moment they come online. While we don’t recommend sending blanket, untailored resumes for all job postings, having a standard and updated resume saved is a great way to ensure you can still respond quickly to a post if you’re on-the-go.

4)    Save or share job postings for later use

Based on recent surveys, many mobile job searchers report it’s still easier to apply for a job on a desktop or laptop. However, you can still use mobile to weed through postings on-the-go and either save or email yourself relevant postings for when you can sit down at your computer.

5)    Turn downtime into job search time

Mobile is a great way to reduce the turnaround time between when a job is posted and when you submit your resume. A recent study by TheLaddersfound that you need to apply to a job within 72 hours after it has been posted online. After that, the chances of your application even being opened drops by 50 percent. By setting up alerts and monitoring new, relevant posts throughout the day, you’ll have a greater chance of beating the majority of applicants to market.

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