Studying for a CPA exam is no small task. With the test lasting 14 hours, an immense amount of studying must be put in to test preparation in order to see passing results.

Because the task at hand is so large, it can be difficult to ensure you are studying the most comprehensive resources available. Are your study materials covering all parts of the exam in length? Are they truly setting you up for success when you see your results?

When you begin studying for the exam, check out these three CPA exam resources. They will help ensure a wide swath of exam material will come under your nose so you are as prepared as possible when the exam begins.

Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley CPAexcel offers three course packages of CPA exam review material. All packages include more than 2,600 pages of electronic study text plus more than 7,500 AICPA past exam questions with their answer rationales. Wiley CPAexcel also includes options for supplemental materials, such as a CPA self-study back, online test bank, flash cards and a virtual classroom series (these are all included in the upper echelon of course packages). All classwork is broken into what the program calls Bite-Sized Lessons. These help you cover more information faster because you are taking smaller bites out of the study material at a time. The resource claims that 9 out of 10 test takers who use Wiley CPAexcel pass. And if you don’t, all courses come with free updates to the courses until you do pass.

CPA Review from Checkpoint Learning  

CPA Review has been in the CPA exam business since 1971, and since then has seen impressive success. It has ushered 150,000 candidates through the program. Along with offering different study formats, such as online, DVD or live review, CPA Review was one of the first prep providers that offered a self-paced CPA exam for CPA candidates. With such flexibility comes an opportunity for test takers to study the way they study best in order to see the best results.

Becker CPA Review

Becker’s CPA review comes in a variety in formats in order to fit your learning style and work schedule. Its resources are comprehensive and cover the broad spectrum of preparing for the CPA exam. The materials it provides are ton-notch and let you sift through the most up to date content that is covered in the CPA exam. The course is completely integrated and includes simulations, homework, lectures and textbooks among other course components. Plus, because the functionality of Becker’s course mimics that of the official CPA exam, you get a dress rehearsal before the big performance.

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