The hiring landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Low unemployment and a lack of skilled workers has accelerated competition for talent. As you try to find high-performing professionals for your open positions, it may be time to reevaluate your recruitment strategy.

Luckily, LinkedIn just released a report that offers compelling statistics that can help you revise your recruitment tactics.

70% of the workforce are passive job seekers

Passive job seekers are those who are gainfully employed but are open to learning about new career opportunities. If you want to recruit the best possible person for your next open position, you have to go after these candidates. With unemployment at an all-time low, it’s slim pickings among active job seekers. Unfortunately for you, most of the best candidates are already employed.

You can’t simply post a job ad on CareerBuilder or Indeed and sit back to wait for the applications to roll in. Passive job seekers aren’t necessarily looking for a job; you must actively pursue these candidates. The best way to reach them is to work with a staffing firm like Burchard & Associates.

89% of talent says being contacted by a recruiter can make them accept a job faster

In the current hiring climate, speed is of the essence. You should consider ways to speed up your hiring process so don’t lose your favorite candidates. If you drag your feet, they could find another opportunity. You also need them to accept your offer quickly. According to the LinkedIn report, nearly 90 percent of candidates say being contacted by a recruiter can make them accept a job faster.

Job seekers want to talk with someone else besides HR. Many would prefer a less formal conversation with a recruiter. Recruiters act as an advocate for the candidate, giving them insights to the job and feedback they wouldn’t normally get from a hiring manager or HR employee. To lock down your favorite candidate, consider working with a recruiter so they accept the position faster.

94% of talent wants to receive interview feedback

Job seekers are tired of not hearing anything after applying for a job. According to the report, only 41 percent have received interview feedback. In a candidate-driven job market, you’ll want to consider reevaluating your application process if it doesn’t include interview feedback. You’ll surely communicate with those you want to interview, but for those you don’t, all it takes is a simple email letting the candidate know they didn’t get the job. You should also consider working with a staffing firm. Recruiters are excellent at keeping candidates informed throughout the interview process.

The number one reason people change jobs is career opportunity

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any employer. If an employee feels like their career has hit a dead-end at your company, they will likely jump ship. And considering that 87 percent of the workforce is open to learning about new job opportunities even though they are currently employed, you should do everything in your power to keep your best and brightest.

Start by learning your top employees’ career goals and work with them to establish a clear career path at your company. Discuss their future and let them know there are opportunities if they stick around.

Are you ready to revamp your recruitment strategy?

Considering the aforementioned statistics, you would benefit from working with a recruitment agency like Burchard & Associates. We specialize in locating and engaging passive candidates and can provide the interview feedback job seekers want. While you focus on your day-to-day, we will work to find you your ideal candidates, giving your recruitment strategy the attention it needs to be successful. Contact us today to learn more.