thinking about accepting job

Receiving a job offer is an amazing feeling. The hours you put in preparing your resume, applying for positions, and going through multiple interviews has finally paid off. But now you have a potentially tough decision to make: should you accept the offer? 

For some job seekers, the decision will be easy. For others, not so much. You may have learned some things throughout the interview process that’s giving you pause, or maybe you have a competing offer. How do you decide if you want to accept the job offer? Ask yourself these questions:


Are there growth opportunities?

Unless you want to change jobs every few years, make sure there are opportunities for advancement at your potential new employer. At your interview, ask if there will be growth opportunities in the future. The availability of these opportunities can also give you an idea of a company’s success. If you discover little to zero opportunities for growth, chances are the business isn’t experiencing growth itself. If your new employer is continually hiring and promoting internally, that means they are growing. 


Do you fit in with the company culture?

Like most professionals, you will spend the majority of your time surrounded by the people you work with. Enjoying your boss, team and coworkers is vital to your overall happiness and job satisfaction. To ensure you will enjoy working somewhere, learn as much as you can about their culture. Ask about their culture in your interview, check out their social media pages for insight to what it’s like working there and ask to take a tour of the office.  


Are there professional development opportunities? 

If an employer offers professional development opportunities to its employees, that can be an indication that the employer values their workforce. It’s also a sign that the employer wants to increase the skills sets of their workforce and promote from within. In your interview, make sure to ask what additional training or learning opportunities they offer. 


Do they have a lot of tenured employees?

High turnover at a company should be a big red flag. When interviewing, make sure to ask if they have a lot of tenured employees. You should also do some research on LinkedIn. Find employees of the company and see how long they’ve been there. If you discover that many employees have only been there for a short time, that’s a big red flag.  If no one is willing to stay at a company for more than a year or so, you probably won’t want to stay either.


Will you make more money? 

Money isn’t everything, but it sure helps! Unless you’re making a career change, say from HR to IT, or you’re unemployed and absolutely need a job, you shouldn’t accept a job that pays the same or less as your current position. Also, consider the benefits your potential employer offers: are they more expensive than what you’re currently paying? And will your new employer offer regular raises? If you end up paying more for benefits, or won’t have a chance to receive regular raises, you may be better off accepting another, slightly less paying job that has better benefits and more opportunities for raises and promotions.


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