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Ronda Burchard is the General Manager of Burchard & Associates, Inc. Ronda graduated from Murray State University with a BS in Accounting in 1987. She started her career in public accounting and transitioned to Controller for a privately-held company in St. Louis. In 1995 she blended her accounting and interpersonal skills in the financial recruiting business with Burchard & Associates, Inc. In her spare time she loves the outdoors, hiking and physical fitness, and many walks with Lucy.

4 Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process in a Candidate-Driven Market

Unlike reconciling the books or preparing financial statements, hiring is never a straightforward or simple process. Move too fast and risk making a bad hire. Move too slow and risk losing out on a great hire. Here are four ways you can mitigate risk and improve your chances of making the right hire as a hiring manager.

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Not Just The Number Crunchers: The Uncovered Hobbies and Talents of Greater St. Louis Area Financial Professionals

As a financial and accounting recruitment firm, Burchard & Associates focuses on one thing: People.

Every day, we meet with members of the St. Louis financial community. We learn why they want to make a move in their career, the qualities they are looking for in a company and peers, and why they decided to enter the financial industry […]

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Digital Detox: What It Is And How To Achieve It


See if this scene feels familiar: Your phone alarm goes off, and you immediately turn it off only to fire up your email app. You scroll and you scroll, and eventually you switch apps to scroll some more.

You eventually hop out of bed and put on your favorite podcast as you […]

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Keeping Your Work Sanity During the Holidays


The end of the year can feel like a mad sprint to the finish line. Between various holidays, family get-togethers and crowds everywhere you look, stress levels can easily rise. And that’s before you factor your work into the equation!

In order to stay calm, cool and collected both in and […]

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3 Questions To Keep In Your Back Pocket at Job Interviews

There are a couple of givens when it comes to preparing for job interviews. You research the role for which you are applying and to whom you will be speaking; you prepare your answers to questions you might get; and you ensure your resume is in tip-top shape.

This is, of course, […]

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Why Personal Branding Is So Important

Personal branding might sound like it is thrown around like an overused buzzword, but it’s actually an important strategy to hone in on and nail down. Your personal brand speaks before you do and can have a measurable impact on your professional life and the opportunities you come across. Without one, […]

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Networking For Introverts

business meeting

When introverts hear the word networking, a slew of reactions can present themselves. A look of terror or disgust might cloud faces, or the introverts might wave off the suggestion as an absurdity, like putting a cat on a leash.

It’s just not done.

Or is it? […]

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5 Qualities That All Leaders Share

Leaders have no shortage of responsibilities at their respective organizations. They must corral workers while also attending to their own work responsibilities. Suffice to say, they have plenty on their plate at any given moment.

In order to lead to the best of their abilities, they must also […]

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Why You Should Fill Out Your Summary on LinkedIn

We all know by now how important a robust, detailed LinkedIn profile is for any professional. Whether you are explicitly looking for a job, a filled-out profile is a must in the connected age. LinkedIn acts as your digital resume, so you always want to be putting […]

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