Working With A Recruiter

We Help Job Candidates Stand Out In A Crowd

Job seekers have to stand out in today’s competitive world. Working with a recruiter can help you do just that. You are unique and must highlight the qualities that make you special from all the other job applicants.

Burchard & Associates, Inc. is unique as well. We are accounting and financial recruiters headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. We invest the time to help you evaluate your current situation, give you sound and objective career advice to help you develop a strategic vision for your career and highlight your best qualities and qualifications so that you are hired in the role that you want most. But even more importantly, we get to know you as an individual.

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The First Step of the Job Search

The hardest part in a job search is simply getting started. Burchard & Associates, Inc. is a team of experienced recruiters in the accounting and financial fields. We are accustomed to working with job candidates who aren’t sure how or even if it is time to begin their job search. We talk with you and ideally meet face-to-face and help guide you through the process. We make working with a recruiter easy.

Career Assessment

We take an individual approach and help you assess yourself and what you want as your next career step.  What is going to fulfill you professionally and personally?  What company culture do you thrive in?  What responsibilities do you want?  What do you expect for quality of life at this stage in your career?  What is the optimal job location?  What are your salary expectations?  Are your expectations realistic?  Navigating through these criteria with a trusted and experienced job recruiter can make all the difference in your success.

Matching Job Candidates With Employment Opportunities

We are a confidential recruiting firm.  Your resume and information stays only with us.  We present you to client companies on specific jobs only with your authorization to do so.  Burchard & Associates, Inc. can leverage our large network to your advantage and match you into the right role for you at this stage in your career.

Guiding You Through the Job Hiring Process

Invest the time up front with one of the Burchard Team recruiters to assess your current status, allow us to present and match you in potential job openings, and we will guide you through interviewing, job offer and getting started with your new company.  And we will do our best to make the process enjoyable for all. This is financial recruitment at its best.

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