“Burchard and Associates came highly recommended by a trusted professional and I was impressed from the first phone call. I could tell that Ronda understood the urgency of my need. She quickly explained how the process worked. I was astounded and relieved to receive nine viable applicants with great background information within 48 hours of our first call. I loved the spirited conversation regarding the strengths of each applicant and the collaborative process we used to narrow the field for our first round of interviews. We were able to conduct and complete the search within 10 days, which seemed impossible. I started this process a bit skeptical about the whole concept of recruitment and was greatly surprised and relieved to realize so much value out of the experience. In addition to the candidate pool that was provided, the support and objective counsel through the process made me and our internal team approach this hire with more focus and clarity. We are thrilled with the candidate we selected–and I believe she is thrilled with her position which makes me know we made the right decision.”

Stacey Goldman, Principal
Cannonball Agency

“In searching for a Director of Financial Planning & Analysis last year, we were referred to Burchard and Associates.  Not having used search firms in the past, we were unsure of the process and candidly uncertain of the likely results.  As it turned out, there was no need to worry.  Steve Burchard took the time to understand our exact needs and then presented very qualified candidates from which to choose.  In the last year, we have had Burchard and Associates conduct two more searches for senior finance professionals with equally great results.  Needless to say, we are very pleased with Burchard and Associates services and highly recommend them.”

Bill Hinderer, Retired President, CEO
Tacony Corporation

“Steve was a valuable resource throughout the entire recruitment process. From my very first conversation with Steve, I was impressed with his professionalism and his desire to find the right fit for the candidate as well as the employer. He kept me well informed and was a great resource during the preparation stage and when an offer was made. I would recommend Burchard & Associates to anyone looking to secure a new role in the future.”

Julie Kluesner, Vice President of Finance
PayneCrest Electric & Communications

“Our company has utilized Burchard & Associates for several key hires in our Finance and Accounting Department. With each hire, Steve has listened and discerned the most important attributes we want our candidates to possess and takes care to only send candidates our way that fit the niche area we are looking for. We have been able to make some great hires that bring a lot of value to our team. We recommend Steve and his team and by utilizing them, know we can look at hiring situations more as opportunities to gain another valuable employee.”

Leigh Martin, Chief Financial Officer
Gateway Dealer Network

“Having been let down by the larger, national recruiters to find suitable candidates, I turned to Burchard & Associates & Steve to recruit our role at senior finance manager level and have since placed two candidates into our organization using his services. Steve has a personalized way of doing business and genuinely seeks to understand the business, the role and the organisations structure to which a candidate would be entering. He used his extensive network to put forward highly capable candidates in a very short timeframe and left us with genuine choices between very good candidates rather than ending up with a least worst option. I would highly recommend Steve and his firm to others to recruit in the St Louis area.”

Chris McEwan, President – Americas

“Steve and his team at Burchard & Associates do an outstanding job of sourcing top quality talent for us.  They do this by taking a strong interest in getting to know our organization and the skills we value, resulting in a highly-refined candidate pool, saving us valuable time in filling our hiring needs.”

Jeremiah Otto, Head of Financial Accounting and Director, Corporate Accounting Business Partnering

“When there is an opening on my team that’s critical to the organization, I know that Steve Burchard and his team at Burchard & Associates will work to understand my needs and bring forward the best candidates available. Having worked with Steve for a number of years, I consider he and his staff trusted business partners with the experience, knowledge, relationships and drive that help me to achieve my hiring goals.”

Cathey Haigh, SVP Chief Financial Officer

“Steve has helped the Dover Companies find multiple great additions to our team over the years.  Steve took a methodical approach to developing a thorough understanding of our organization and its culture before trying to identify suitable candidates for the first assignment we worked on together.  He has since used that backdrop to inform his approach to identifying candidates for each subsequent assignment thereby ensuring we are only meeting candidates that would be a good ‘fit’ rather than spending time on candidates that appear on paper to check a few boxes of a job description.  This individualized approach is among the reasons we continue to turn to Steve and his team at Burchard & Associates when seeking to fill key positions.”

Steve Wertman, Chief Financial Officer
The Dover Companies

Over the past five years, Steve and his team have been great partners through multiple search efforts.  Be it formal searches or “soft” searches resulting in the sharing of profiles that may be of interest, Steve has been able to dial in on the candidates that meet our expectations and succeed in our environment because he understands our business.  We are fortunate to have a relationship with he and his firm.

Steve M. Bishara, SVP Human Resources
Harbour Group

“I have been using Burchard & Associates routinely since 1999, when Steve first placed me, so I have had the benefit of seeing the business from an applicant perspective as well as from an employer perspective.  What has struck me as unique about the organization is not just their firm grasp on the Finance & Accounting talent pool of St. Louis, and their deep long-standing Corporate relationships, but their focus on finding the right fit for the applicant and the employer.  The folks at Burchard & Associates spend the extra time really getting to the know the talent that they’re placing, as well as getting to know the personality of the organization that is doing the hiring.  I couldn’t have dreamed of a better fit for me when Steve first placed me, and I have used Burchard & Associates numerous times since, and have never been disappointed with the skillset or personalities of the hires that I have made through Burchard & Associates.”

Roger Byrne, EVP & CFO
Bethesda Health Group

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“I have worked with many recruiters in my career and was beyond impressed with Steve Burchard. From first contact, he was an attentive listener, asked involved questions and was very understanding of my specific requests in my job search. He found fantastic and diverse opportunities for me to choose from and was supportive throughout the entire process. It was very apparent that he was interested in creating a good match between employee and employer while keeping my wishes at the forefront. The application and interviewing process was enjoyable when working with Steve and his team!”

Taylor Miller, Senior Financial Associate
Harbour Group

“I was referred to Steve through another search firm out of Chicago, I was looking to relocate from Louisville, KY and Steve made the process easy and found a great fit for me professionally. Through multiple phone calls Steve was able to get a good idea of who I was as a person and what I was looking for in a role. Moving to a new city can be a period of anxiety and nervousness for some but Steve has made the transition so far very easy, going as far to recommend places to look to live and things to do around the city. He found me a position within a few weeks of our first call and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my career in STL. I look forward to working with Steve again in the future and I am confident that he will come through for me again.”

Mitch Hook, Senior Financial Analyst
Bethesda Health Group

“I was referred to Steve through another recruiting office that I had been in touch with while I was working in Pittsburgh. From the start, it was about what I wanted to do and making sure that I was ultimately happy with my final decision. Steve was always available, day and night, whether via phone or text, and never hesitated to give me a straight and truthful response. I think in this line of business, it is very easy to sugarcoat things, so I truly respected Steve for being so upfront and honest. Steve performed his job with diligence and professionalism, and I am now happily employed in my new role. Not only did Steve go out of his way to make sure I ended up with what I wanted, he also made sure to get to know me. He took time out of his day to meet for lunch, where we spoke about our lives, as well as what I was interested in regarding a new job. It was nice for me to get to know Steve a little bit too, since he was the one searching for my next role. All in all, everything was handled with professionalism, and I am in a new role where I am incredibly happy because of Steve, and I can’t thank him enough.”

Ryan Merrifield, Senior Accountant
Silgan Plastics

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Burchard & Associates multiple times over my career.  During each process, they clearly communicated information about the company and position they were working to fill, and kept me apprised as the search progressed.  He took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for and made sure that my skills and personality were a good match for what the company was looking for, both in terms of their structure and culture.  Steve and his team were great to work with and I would highly recommend them to candidates at any stage in their careers.”

Jeffrey Dorries, Chief Financial Officer
Alton Steel Inc.

From the very beginning, I always knew that when the time came to explore new career opportunities out of KPMG LLP, Steve Burchard was my guy. Fast-forward six years when it became clear to me that I was ready to make that change, I picked up the phone and gave Steve a call asking if he could meet me for lunch and discuss my ideas for the future. I had no idea at the time just how much that one call would change my life. Having spent most of my life in and around the St. Louis metropolitan area, I expressed to Steve a desire to take a chance in another city, a big city, a city on the coast where I could grow and prosper. Having known me for many years prior and being the knowledgeable professional that he is, Steve suggested that if I wanted the sort of career opportunities I was expressing, that if I really wanted to take my career in accounting to the next level, to look no further than the San Francisco Bay Area. Allured by the potential of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Steve put me in contact with his affiliates at the DeWinter Group (who were equally a pleasure and a joy to work with) and shortly thereafter I was reviewing job postings ranging from the biggest most well-known players in Tech to the smaller-scale but rapidly growing startups looking to take their companies public. It didn’t take long, shortly thereafter engaging the DeWinter Group I had my eyes set on the prize, an Accounting Manager position in the Controllership group of a legendary San Jose-based company that revolutionized online shopping as we know it today. Letting my experience speak for itself, after several rounds of interviews I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, a dream come true for a young and aspiring accountant! And it all goes back to Steve Burchard. Steve, with his wealth of knowledge and experience, guided me, believed in me, and helped catapult my career to the next level…just like he promised. To anyone else out there looking to make a change in their accounting or finance careers or if you just need someone trustworthy you can bounce ideas off of, look no further than Steve Burchard.

Ben Vasquez, Technical Accounting Manager

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